O Christmas Tree


O Christmas Tree 00119

Big Christmas trees and little Christmas trees decorate marzipan hearts with a "MERRY XMAS!" message.

This design can be personalised with a message (letters are impressed into the hearts, NOT on a gift tag) for an extra-special gift. Personalised Marzigrams® start at 16 hearts, but if you have more to say, why not go for a box of 24 or 48 hearts? Choose "MERRY XMAS!" or select the option for "My own message" and write it into the free text box provided - please do not write a message that is longer than the number of hearts you are buying.

Important note: To make sure that your message will fit on the number of hearts you've selected, check out the Marzigram Guide.

£10.95 In stock
Choose your box size Box of 12 (not a Marzigram option) (0) Box of 16 (0) Box of 24 (0) Box of 48 (0)
Marzigram messages (16, 24 and 48 boxes only) NO MESSAGE (0) MERRY XMAS! (0) MY OWN MESSAGE (0)
If you have selected "MY OWN MESSAGE", please enter it into the box below. Please ensure that it will fit the size of box you have chosen.
Lots of different styles of Christmas Tree for this seasonal Marzigram. Send a message in marzipan this year!