Send your message in marzipan for a unique gift!

In times gone by, congratulatory messages used to be sent by telegram.  We’ve created the Marzigram® as a delicious alternative!  A personalised marzipan gift that’s both delicious and unique is sure to make anyone’s day.

We’ve a huge range of designs to choose from in our Marzigram® shop, or if you have your own ideas, we can even make a completely unique design for you, just get in touch.  Marzigrams® start at 16 hearts, which is enough to say “Happy 18th Birthday”, “Fab at Forty!” or “Silver Wedding” for example, but if you’ve got more to say, choose a box of 24 or 48 hearts.

Ordering a Marzigram® is easy; simply find the design you like, choose your box size – 16, 24 or 48 hearts only – then select a message from our standard list. If you want to write your own message, select the option for MY OWN MESSAGE and write it in the box provided.

There is just one thing to remember; your message has to fit the box!  Here’s a guide to show what each box size looks like, with an example message, so you can work out if your message fits nicely on the hearts.