Unique, handcrafted, personalised marzipan gifts – made just for you!

Father’s Day is 17th June this year so make sure you have the perfect gift for your marzipan loving dad!

Place your order by Sunday 10th June.


Our Gift Shop includes over 100 delightful, surprising and mouthwatering marzipan gifts for every age and taste, all made by hand, to order only, with love and care.  Many of our gifts can be personalised with messages to make them extra special – visit our Marzigrams® and Marzigram® Mini Cakes shops to find out more.

Why not try our flavoured marzipan gift range – Lavender and Rose, Lemon and Orange, Coffee and Coconut to name but a few!

So if you are a marzipan fan, or know someone who is, you’ve come to the right place to be inspired.  Browse our Shop today for marzipan gifts like no others.  All our products can be gift wrapped, just add to your order before the check out.

PS. Looking for Marzipan Fruits?  Ours are deliciously different!