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Welcome to the Lovemarzipan Shop.

We specialise in personalised marzipan gifts!
Add your own message to a Marzigram® or a Marzigram® Mini-Cake for an extra special present.


Marzigrams® are just like telegrams - but a lot tastier! Send a "heart-felt" message in delicious marzipan. We have designs to suit all ages, interests and personalities.

Sunflowers  10.95 GBP
Hydrangeas  10.95 GBP
Flutterby Butterfly  10.95 GBP
Sweet Tulips  10.95 GBP
Birthday Cupcakes  10.95 GBP
Gone Twitchin'  10.95 GBP
Ties and 'Taches  10.95 GBP
Robots  10.95 GBP
Tempting Teddies  10.95 GBP
Lovebirds  10.95 GBP
Daisy, Daisy Marzigram  13.95 GBP
Brilliant Barber!  10.95 GBP
Spring Blooms  10.95 GBP
Dinosaurs  10.95 GBP
Poppies  10.95 GBP
Marzi-babies  10.95 GBP
Odd Socks!  10.95 GBP
Gold Stars  10.95 GBP
Wedding Anniversary Hearts  10.95 GBP
Gone Golfin'  10.95 GBP
Wimbledon Winner!  10.95 GBP
Gone Gardenin'  10.95 GBP
Goal!  10.95 GBP
Fashionista!  10.95 GBP
Rugby-scrumptious!  10.95 GBP
"In the Pink" Roses  10.95 GBP
DIY Marzipan  10.95 GBP
Gardener's Delight  10.95 GBP
Knitting Diva  10.95 GBP
Mine's a Pint!  10.95 GBP
Golden Leaves  10.95 GBP
Gone Fishin'  10.95 GBP
At the Circus  10.95 GBP
On Safari  10.95 GBP
Musical Marzipan  10.95 GBP
Retro Hearts  10.95 GBP
Flower Power!  10.95 GBP
Puppy Love  10.95 GBP

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