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Welcome to the Lovemarzipan Shop.

We specialise in personalised marzipan gifts!
Add your own message to a Marzigram® or a Marzigram® Mini-Cake for an extra special present.

Flavoured Marzipan

Our flavoured marzipan designs offer something deliciously different!

Fruit Flavour Macarons  13.95 GBP
Floral Flavour Macarons  10.95 GBP
Sweet & Spicy Flavour Macarons  10.95 GBP
Cute Cupcakes  10.95 GBP
Tutti Frutti  10.95 GBP
Lavender & Lace  10.95 GBP
Violets & Lace  10.95 GBP
Roses & Lace  10.95 GBP
Violets and Roses  10.95 GBP
Strawberry Marzigram Mini Cake  8.95 GBP
Black Forest Marzigram Mini Cake  8.95 GBP
Lemon Meringue Mini Cake  8.95 GBP
Coffee & Walnut Marzigram Mini Cake  8.95 GBP

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